POTATO Zrazy with minced meat

POTATO Zrazy with minced meat.

● potatoes
● 1 carrot
● 1 onion
● minced meat
● 1 egg
● salt

Clean potatoes (better to take a major, the better to rub) .Nateret half on a coarse grater, the other half – on a fine. All the mix, salt.
Connect minced (better to take the swine, because it is fatter, juicier zrazy are obtained), egg, chopped carrots, onions. Season with salt and stir.
Take in your hand a little bit of grated potatoes and a good squeeze, spread the palm pressed lump. Put the stuffing. Top cover with a small amount of potatoes (pressed).
Make palm “boat” and molded Zrazy elongated shape (a layer of potatoes should not be too thick to fry well).
Fry until golden brown. The main thing is a good fry zrazy.
If you do not eat them at a time, heat them in a microwave.
Bon Appetit!


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