Potato salad and goose with apples.

Today we talk about the Christmas table in Germany. We are waiting for a hearty and very tasty meal. Judge for yourself — the ruddy goose with sour-sweet filling of apples with a delicate aroma of cumin and easy to prepare potato salad with crispy onions and pickles.

On Christmas Eve, on the table in Germany usually served potato salad that is popular in the country, not only during the holidays, but also at any other time. After all, he can play the role not only of lettuce, and a side dish or a main course, if we talk about large portions.

To prepare the potato salad (two servings a garnish or a main course) we need:
• 200-250 g boiled potatoes;
• ½ onion;
• 2-3 gherkin (I had a mini gherkins, so took 5);
• 1 tsp Bavarian sweet mustard;
• ½ tsp mustard seeds;
• 1 tsp white wine vinegar;
• 2 tbsp olive oil.

Cooking method:   

1.Kartofel cut slices or cubes. Chop onions and gherkins. Mix with the potatoes.

2. Mix the mustard, oil and vinegar.

3. Spread on a plate of salad and pour its sauce.

Dinner at Christmas is considered to have a holiday, so more thoroughly. And, of course, the king of the Christmas table in Germany is considered to be a goose. In the dining room at this time of year it is served with sauerkraut, in restaurants — with chestnuts, well, at home — with apples and cumin. Sweet and sour filling in this dish perfectly shades slightly sweet meat of this bird. And the most remarkable thing in the recipe that is preparing a Christmas goose of the most common and readily available ingredients.
To prepare the Christmas goose 5-7 servings, we need:
• Goose weighing 3.5-4 kg;
• 1 onion;
• 2-3 fragrant apple;
• 1 tsp cumin;
• salt and pepper to taste;
• Set of vegetables and spice for soup (I have it fried in a dry frying pan to tan markings onions and carrots, fresh celery and leek and black and pink peppercorns, juniper berries.
• 1 glass of strong flavored alcohol (brandy, rum, brandy).
• 2 tbsp flour.

Cooking method: 

1. The first step is to treat the bird. Cut away the excess fat from the carcass (a lot of them at the neck and tail). Then cut to a «phalanx» of each wing. Eviscerated poultry.

2. My carcass inside and out and were dried with paper towels.

3. Remains of feathers remove with tweezers and / or Sears bird.
4. Now it’s time to filling. For her coarsely cut onions and apples, add the cumin, stir.

5. On all sides carcass rub salt and pepper.

6. To stuff the goose, the first thing he needs to close «throat.» This can be done with the help of wooden shpazhek (as in the photo — crosswise) or culinary needle and thread. Further, the remaining large hole put stuffing, sew up his (or fastening skewers). Feet associate non-synthetic thread.

7. That in the end looks like our goose.

8. Use skewers or other sharp object punctures the skin do carcass that drips out of it better than fat. Then send goose in a preheated 180 degree oven 50-70 minutes. Gus should lie on the breast, back up. After the specified time the carcass carefully turn over and fry the same amount, periodically pouring goose fat drips. Then we bring to a readiness (puncture the meat juices to flow out of the carcass must be transparent), depending on the oven and the size of the bird.

To burn fat is not, it is best to do so. At the bottom of the pan to pour 0.5 liters of water, put the grate, and her goose. If the lattice is not, the water can still be used. Periodically, the water should be added.

9. While preparing the goose, you can do the sauce. Put in a saucepan cut wings, giblets, cut fat, spices, vegetables for soup. Fill it with water, bring to a boil and cook for 10 minutes.

10. Approximately 10 tablespoons goose fat, heated with during roasting poultry, mix with a couple of tablespoons flour, put on the fire, add a glass of alcohol, salt, a couple of ladles of goose broth and cook together, stirring until the sauce thickens.

11.Gotovoy bird give stand 10-15 minutes to make it juicier, cut into pieces and serve with sauce and garnished with toppings.

Bon Appetit!

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