Potato pizza for dinner

Potato pizza for dinner.

3-4 servings:

● 700 grams of cleaning potatoes
● 2 eggs
● 2 tbsp flour
● 3-4 ST garlic
● salt, pepper
● 3 tbsp sour cream +1 tsp Dijon mustard with slide
● 200-250 g smoked sausages hunting
● 2 medium-sized onions
● 1 sweet paprika
● 150 cherry tomatoes
● 170 grams of cheese (mozzarella I have 100 +70 usual enzyme)
● few feathers green onions


Onions cut into half rings and slightly obzharivaem.Dobavlyaem chopped peppers and fry a few more minut.Dobavlyaem to cut the sausage, stir and turn off
Potato three on a coarse grater, add the garlic, passed through the press, eggs, flour, salt and pepper. Mix well. Distribute half the mass on a hot skillet (2 tbsp vegetable oil) with a diameter of 21 cm nizu.Umenshaem heat to medium and fry gently for about 5 minut.Zatem overturn …
and in a couple of minutes, we grease our potato mustard cream base half, then half of the filling and cherry tomatoes, cut in half, sprinkle with green onions …
… cheese, make a small fire and close the lid.
Tormented to melt the latter.
In the same sequence roast second pitstsu.Zhelatelno do everything at the same time, two pans.
Serve with a green salad with smetanoy.Priyatnogo appetite!
Note: S very young, wet potato is such a thing will not work, everything razvalitsya.Ya do with the “old” kartofelem.Posle how it potresh no liquid!

карт пицца на ужин

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