Potato pan in Greek.

Today will be very tasty, but at the same time, a simple Greek cuisine. There are a lot of vegetables, cheese – I really like. Ready to eat these things every day :))
If you too love is a combination of Greek, then you are sure to enjoy.

Preparation time: 30 minutes
Servings: 2

You will need:

Potatoes (boiled in their skins) – 8 pieces
Bulgarian pepper – 1/2 pieces
Garlic – 3 the tooth.
Olive oil (for frying) – 2 tbsp. l.
Butter (for frying) – 20 g
Olive – 10 pcs
Feta cheese (feta or analogs) – 150 g
Salt – to taste
Provencal herbs – to taste
Allspice – to taste

How to cook:

1) Pre-boil the potatoes in their skins, cool, peel and cut into slices 1.5-2 cm.

2) Heat the pan and heat the 2 types of oil. Potato fry parties. At the end of the roasting salt sea salt with Provence herbs.

3) Turn on the oven to warm up to 250 * C or a grill. In a frying pan, where roasted potatoes, add 1 ch. L. oil, add chopped garlic and bell pepper, diced, quickly fry, stirring, until softened peppers (2-3 min.).

4) Return to the pan all the potatoes, stir, add the olives (the number can be increased) and crumbled cheese, salt and pepper.

5) Send the pan in a preheated oven grill for 10 minutes. to light rosy cheese. Frying must be free of plastic parts and handles !!! The contents of the pan can be shifted also in the baking dish.

Serve hot.


Bon Appetit!

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