Potato cutlet.

Potato cutlet.

-Potatoes large 6-8 pieces.
-Flour 2 tbsp. l.
-Butter 50 g.
-1 cup milk
-Cheese 100 gr.
-Sour cream 0.5 cup
-Garlic 1-2 pcs.
-Herbs to taste
-Salt and spices to taste

For this dish need a baking dish, because preparing escalope in the oven. I wash the potatoes, peel, cut into rings directly into the form. Lubricate the form not previously needed.
I salt potatoes, sprinkle with herbs.
Next I put a layer of cheese, pre-grated on a coarse grater.
Cheese close again potato layer, which again I salt.
And now proceed to the creamy milk filling. In a heated pan put a piece of butter.
When it is melted, add the flour, mixed. I keep on frying pan until golden brown.
Then slowly pour the milk, mixed to form a homogeneous sauce. I boil it 3-4 minute.
Pour the potatoes, sprinkle on top of herbs certainly, like the French, and send it in the oven for 30 minutes.
To make filling of cream sauce, herbs and garlic, passed through the press.
Potatoes are ready, watered sauce, served hot!

карт эскалоп

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