Pork with Thyme

INGREDIENTS (based on six servings):

— One kilogram of pork,
— Two sprigs of thyme,
— Four cloves of garlic,
— One glass of red wine,
— Five spoons (tablespoons) of olive oil,
— One spoon (tea) chopped bay leaf,
— Black pepper,
— Salt to individual taste.


— Four apple sweet and sour (medium size)
— 50 grams of sugar,
— Two spoons (tablespoons) lemon juice.

Cooking method:  
1. Rinse the meat, make slits in it, each insert slices of garlic and pea black pepper.
2. Thyme crushed.
3. Marinade: Mix wine, olive oil, bay leaf, thyme and salt together.
4. Pour marinade over cooked meat and send in the refrigerator for six of hours.
Note:  The dish is better to start marinating the night before and leave overnight in the refrigerator — in a «state» it will be well treated and this will add tenderness in taste.
5. Put the meat in a sleeve for roasting, pour into it a part of the marinade and bake in the preheated oven to 200 degrees, for forty-five minutes, after which the meat is removed from the sleeve and continue to bake for another addition for fifteen minutes.
6. Peel apples clean and clear them from the seeds — cut into slices.
7. Prepared apples cook in 200 ml of water with sugar for twenty minutes, then drain the water, cool and add lemon juice. All ingredients — apple grind with a blender — ready to pour sauce cooked meat.

Note: On top of the dish can be further decorate with chopped herbs, if desired.

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