Pork with cheese

Pork with cheese.

– Pork pitted
– It is desirable to choose a ham or loin – 700 grams,
– Zucchini – one piece,
– Cherry tomatoes – 300 grams,
– Onions – 250 grams,
– Cheese – 200 grams,
– Four cloves garlic,
– Chopped thyme – two spoons (tablespoons)
– Dry white wine – half a cup,
– Vegetable oil for frying
– Herbs to taste for decoration,
– Tabasco sauce,
– Black pepper (ground) – to taste
– salt.

Cooking method:             
1. Marinade:
– Two cloves of garlic peel and chop finely, then mix it with a spoon (the dining room), thyme, Tabasco sauce, black ground pepper with the addition of sherry and two tablespoons of vegetable oil.
2. Take the pork, rinse well, pat dry with a paper towel and clean from the films.
3. Cut the meat across the grain prepared eight plates and lightly beat off each.
4. Slices of pork cooked put in the marinade, cover and put it aside for half an hour.
5. Clean onion, cut it into quarters.
6. Zucchini cut in half lengthwise and cut into slices.
7. Rinse tomatoes dry with a paper towel.
8. peeled garlic cut into slices.
9. Take the pan, greased with vegetable oil, put it prepared foods: sliced ​​onions, tomatoes, garlic, zucchini and thyme – if you want to add a couple of sprigs of dill.
10. Right on the baking sheet, laid on foods – vegetables pour marinade to cooked meat.
11. Put the pan in the oven, preheated to 220 – 230 degrees – vegetables stand there for 10 minutes.
12. Remove the baking sheet from the oven, lay on top of the vegetables marinated pork, pour on top of a small amount of vegetable oil and place in oven – baked together for five – seven minutes.
13. Cut the cheese slices wide, put the slices of meat on top and bake all together again for two – three minutes.

– To pork during roasting remained more juicy, recommended fry it until golden brown in vegetable oil, then put on the vegetables, and so bake.

This dish will surprise everyone with its flavor, tenderness, aroma and appetizing appearance.


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