Pork steak

Pork steak.

By Christmas, usually every housewife tries to cook the meat juicier, fresher and … surprise. Pork steaks with fine drinks – dry white wine not only bring in a dish special soft notes, but also speed up their preparation itself.

Juicy meat, in this case, pork steaks, should be served with vegetables – nutritionally, vkausno and helpful, also festive.


– One kilogram of pork (preferably pick neck of pork)
– 300 ml of dry wine (white)
– Two bulbs of medium size,
– One spoon (dining room) dried thyme,
– One spoon (dining room) dried oregano,
– A sprig of rosemary,
– Three spoons (tablespoons) of olive oil,
– Two spoons (tablespoons) lemon juice
– Pepper (black)
– Salt to individual taste.


1. The washed meat is cut into steaks as thick as half a centimeter each.

2. The meat (steaks) impose chopped onion half-rings, rosemary sprigs, pour the wine and set aside in a cool place (refrigerator) to marinate for two hours.
3. Use a paper towel to dry marinated steaks, then season with salt and pepper and with the help of herbs.
4. Take a frying pan, heat the olive oil in it, in which to fry the steaks for five minutes on each side, then sprinkle each steak with lemon juice.

Tasty and healthy, besides the extraordinary food, each family will decorate the holiday table exquisite, delicious juicy dish. Such food is perfect for Christmas and New Year.

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