Pork ribs with prunes

Pork ribs with prunes

Dried plums or prunes, stunning ingredient in cooking. With the addition of food prunes, they are not just special, and acquire a taste, with nothing

more incomparable. We have always been attracted to unusual combinations of flavors and ingredients.

This dish is a good choice for dinner and home for the holidays. Fried pork ribs, braised with prunes — the perfect combination of taste and aroma.

Pork ribs can stew with prunes, dried apricots, vegetables and mushrooms. Through various ingredients we get a different taste, color and aroma of


You can take not only the pork ribs and beef. Optionally, you can use a bit of both.

For the preparation we need:
• rib pork — 1.5 kg
• prunes with bone — 0.5 kg
• salt
• ground black pepper
• Bay leaf
• Vegetable oil for frying

Cooking method:

1.Rebryshki should be chosen with a good layer of meat. Pork ribs check, rinse under running water to remove dirt and remnants of hemp, small bones.

2.Narezhte sharp knife along the rib bones into small pieces. If necessary, carefully cut in half.

3.Narezannye fold the edges in a large bowl and cover with cold water to remove the blood, over time, drain the dirty water and fill the new 30-50 minutes.

Drain, pat dry ribs, salt and add pepper, mix well with the meat seasonings.

4.Podgotovlennye pieces of meat on a frying pan fry on all sides until lightly browned.

Ruddy ribs develops in a deep pan.

Fill it with water, add salt, pepper, bay leaf and put on a small fire to put out.

Cook about 60-80 minutes, gently stirring occasionally.

5.Chernosliv good wash and soak in a little water, add to pan for 30-40 minutes until cooked ribs.

6.Akkuratno stir and continue to simmer until soft prunes. Meat should be painted in a color of prunes and «absorb» its flavor.

7.Podaem as a separate dish on a plate with prunes, and can be supplied with a variety of side dishes such as: fried potatoes with onions, steamed vegetables, pea puree, etc.

Be sure to try to cook this dish, it can not you do not like it.

свин ребра с черносл Bon Appetit!

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