Pork in kvass

Pork in kvass


Pork (the piece with a small layer of fat) — 800-1000 g
Brew — 0.5 liters
Onion — 1 medium
Bay leaf — 3-4 PCs.
Carnation — 7-10 stars
Allspice — 7-10 peas
Black pepper — 7-10 peas
Garlic — 1 head good
Salt to taste


1. Marinate the meat for two days. I’ve been marinating for a day.
2. In a ceramic bowl put a piece of pork, and overlaid it with the onion rings, there Bay leaf, cloves, allspice and black pepper, poured the brew, shut the lid and put in a cold place.
3. The next day the meat out of the marinade, purified from onion and spices and wet kitchen towel.
4. Then top with fat cut in the form of a lattice, rubbed on all sides with a mixture of crushed garlic and salt, put in a baking dish.
5. The meat is put whole potatoes after they are salted and Isupov in a small amount of olive oil.
6. Poured a little brew from marinade, covered with foil, loosely, and sent in a hot oven (180 degrees) for 40 minutes. Then the foil was removed, the meat and potatoes doused the separated juice and fat, added the temperature to 200 degrees, and another 10 minutes to bake. That’s all

Bon appetit!

свинина в квасе

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