Pork chops in the oven

Pork chops in the oven

Who already faced with cooking pork chops knows that if not properly cooked meat can get a little deflating and dryish due to lack of veins of fat, is a

feature of pork shoulder. But if the pork chop pre-marinate in soy sauce,

but then another lard salsa, cut off from the barrel, but quickly roast at a high temperature, the taste will consummate meat like podkoptit.

Ingredients for cooking:

• 2 pork steak on the bone,
• 50 ml of soy sauce,
• spices for meat to taste (a mixture of peppers, dried garlic, onion, paprika, mustard flakes, parsley, parsnip).
Seasoning marinade can take any in its sole discretion, it is still not fundamentally nothing would kill the flavor of soy sauce, and he will dominate.

1.Kusochki pork chop washed under cold water, remove the moisture with a paper towel. Make 3-4 slits in the flesh across the grain through wide small knife.

 It is necessary, first, to the best of pork marinated in, and secondly, we will lard lard it is in these slots.

2.Zalivaem meat on the bone with soy sauce mixed with a teaspoon of spices. Subject to marinate for 3-4 hours at room temperature or 6-8 hours in a

cool refrigerator.


Let me tell you a secret: if lard midway pork chops her own as lard, meat get much juicier. Cut away the excess fat from the sides, cut into squares and

place them in the slots, so that the fat sticking out of a piece of pork on both sides.

3.Razogrevaem oven to 260 degrees C and put under the grill and baking it (which will drain excess fat).

No lattice? It should be a mandatory, it is very convenient when preparing any meat in the oven and roast pork is try to chop directly on a baking

sheet. Lubricate it does not need.

4.Myaso oven should be at room temperature, so if you marinate it in a cool, albeit a bit to stand up in the heat of the oven.

We give to drain the marinade and lay steaks on the grill top shelf of the oven.

5.Zapekaem pork chops 25-30 minutes depending on the thickness of the piece. The meat should be covered with a golden crust golden, stone – dark.

6.Vynimaem dish from the oven and serve immediately, and garnish vegetables.

Tip: To save the soy sauce, the meat can be folded in a plastic bag and pour a little sauce right in the pack, let the air out and tie.

It is possible in the same sauce, pickle, after the meat, for example chicken wings. But refer to the total time of use of the sauce in the refrigerator for

more than 10 hours.

In the summer of the same recipe, but the roast pork on the grill – just great!






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