Poland Food

Poland Food

Palaces and fortresses, which still held jousting tournaments, magic salt caves and mysterious curve forest starry sky Copernicus and Polonaise Oginski, fantasy Stanislaw Lem and philosophical humor Jerzy Lec, the legend of the knights and pungent beauties, Slavic sourdough with a European gloss and a special highlight – all of Poland! Oh, how can we feasted couple of hundred years ago, the glorious knights and beautiful Pani – and we try to sit in Polish to a festive table!

Country: Poland (Polska, Poland)

Official name: Republic of Poland

Poland on the world map: a country in the center of Europe, washed by the waters of the Baltic Sea. It has a land border with Russia (Kaliningrad), Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany.

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The feed here?

Polish cuisine is an adventure novel – in its wars, intrigue and love. Motley carpet Polish cuisine is woven from the vicissitudes of fate of this country – the reason for it and the neighbors and enemies, and heart impulses of Polish kings. Played wedding King Casimir on the beautiful Jewess – here you new recipes and cooking techniques, new holiday dish – stuffed fish! I gave the hand and heart of King Sigismund of the Italian kind Sfortsa- please come and enjoy the new sausage and sweet pastries.

And then there’s the neighbors, periodically redraw the map of the country, altered and Polish cuisine in its own way: potato dishes of Prussia, refined recipes from France, hearty Russian cuisine …

What it is now considered Polish cuisine? What we have on the first, second and dessert?

Glorious Poland soups – cool in the summer heat of pears, apples, strawberries, mushroom in the autumn, and winter frosts hearty cereal with corned beef and poultry. Want to try? Then, meet:

Chłodnik litewski – Lithuanian hlodnik with beetroot and boiled egg.

Barszcz biały – white soup sourdough from rye flour with marjoram, potatoes and sour cream.

Krupnik – Krupnik from barley with vegetables and smoked meat.

Zupa ogórkowa – soup made from pickled cucumbers.

Zupa pomidorowa – tomato soup with rice or noodles.

Flaki wołowe -govyazhy broth with slices of scars, meat and vegetables.

There are in Poland and a very special soup – Żurek (Zurek), cooked on sourdough with potato, sausage, egg. Post it to you are not only in a clay bowl, but also in the loaf of bread.

Poland Food

Main courses. In first place is the most popular dish in Poland – without it is impossible to imagine Polish cuisine – Bigos! The very name of the dish (from the Latin “dvoevkusie”) talks about his complex taste. Here, fresh and pickled cabbage, different varieties of meat, including game, mushrooms, sausage – recipes and ways of cooking are many! Bigos and put in the cold, and repeatedly thawed and allowed “to ripen” – all for the sake of some of its special taste. In general, with a special taste in Poland is much to try, such as snacks:

Smalec – from bacon with onions, marjoram, dried apple or cream.

Boczek ze śliwką – fried bacon, stuffed with dried plums.

Tatar – raw beef minced with onion and raw yolk.

And as much as there main dishes – from poultry, fish, meat, game, vegetables …

Żeberka w miodzie – breast fried in honey.

Wątróbki drobiowe – fried onion chicken livers.

Kaczka z jabłkami – duck with apples.

Kurczak de volaille -kusochki chicken stuffed with mushrooms and bread.

Klopsiki – meatloaf in tomato sauce.

Gołąbki – stuffed cabbage stuffed with beef meat and rice.

Kaszanka -zharenye on grilled slices of sausage, cooked buckwheat porridge and pig’s blood.

Karp po żydowsku – carp in aspic with raisins.

Pierogi – dumplings stuffed with cabbage and mushrooms, cheese and potatoes, meat, fruits

Naleśniki – pancakes with jam, fruit, cottage cheese.

Knedle – potato dumplings stuffed with vegetables or plums.

Kopytka – dumplings in the form of hooves.

Placki ziemniaczane – hash browns from raw potatoes.

Poland Food

It makes you want to try it all, and what could be there – eat to satiety, not counting calories!

Dessert and drinks

How many in Poland every sweet baking! If you distribute all the sweets in places, the first take Makovtsa, women, Pernik. The most famous, is the Toruń gingerbread katazhinki, their annual producing at least two tons, and many baked at home for his grandmother’s recipes, no statistics do not know!

Goodbye forever waist:

Faworki – thin and delicate cakes with powdered sugar.

Galaretka – fruit jelly with whipped cream.

Makowiec – poppy seed roll with.

Pączki – donuts with fruit jam inside.

Sernik – the most famous cheesecake.

Szarlotka – apple pie with whipped cream or ice cream.

Do you think that’s it? Many varieties of Mazurkas, Cake Pani Walewska and Budyn orzechowy – pudding, eggs, sugar, walnuts and biscuits, with vanilla sauce …

Poland Food

What Poles drink? It depends on the fact that while eating: a sharp and hot meals, a snack or even separately – certainly a shot of vodka, especially in winter. In other cases – beer Zywiec, Okocim, EB, Heweliusz, Brok and mead. From soft drinks in honor of all sorts of fruit drinks, jelly and coffee.

National dishes

Today in our kitchen will reign desserts! Soon will come the whole series of events – why not show off new sweet dish? For example, the famous or the most gentle Mazurek Cake Pani Walewska. Maybe they will become your desserts?

Royal Mazurek

Royal Mazurek


400 g flour
8 eggs,
400 g butter,
1.5 cups sugar,
by ½ tsp salt and cinnamon
100 grams of sweet almond
10 pieces. bitter almonds, ground
canned apricots, cherries or candied


Rub the white hot butter with the sugar, the egg yolks one by one drive, then add whipped to a froth whites, add the flour (by mixing it with salt and cinnamon), sweet and bitter almonds and knead the dough. You can cook Mazurek, adding a handful of candied fruit in the form of cakes after brushing the surface with oil and then sprinkle baking almond petals. Or, add a little flour in 1/3 test, take the form of a cake with fruit, laid out in a checkerboard pattern and cover the test strips (as in the photo). In any case, it will turn out very tasty!

Cake Pani Walewska

This amazing cake takes you some time, as he prepares to step by step, but the effort is fully justified by the results!

Cake Pani Walewska



500 g wheat flour
1.5 tsp baking powder
1/2 Art. icing sugar
200 g butter
6 egg yolks
In addition please be jam jar of black currant and a bag of almond flakes!
Cooking: Knead the dough from all ingredients and divide into 2 parts.

for meringue

6 protein
1.5 st.saharnoy powder
1 tablespoon cornstarch
Cooking: protein shake up in a solid foam, then add the sugar portions, still whisking. At the end of Pour the starch and mix gently.


500ml milk
3 tablespoons flour
2 tablespoons cornstarch
2 egg yolks
3 TL Sahara
16 g of vanilla sugar
200g butter
a few drops of almond mud vanilla essence
2 tablespoons cognac
Cooking: 250 ml of milk boiled with sugar, 250 ml of the second mix with egg yolks and flour (as pudding) and add to the boiling milk. Boil, stirring until thick and cool, cover with foil or cloth. Whipped butter, gradually adding the chilled brew weight, flavor and brandy.

Prepare the cake!

The two forms of approximately 25 x 30 cm lined with baking paper, put on one part of the dough and cover the jam (at half the jars for each). Then gently put the meringue and sprinkle with almond flakes. Bake at 175 ° C for about 40 minutes. Writing well shortcakes cool and peresloiv their cream, folded one upon the other.

Smacznego! Bon Appetit!

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