PLATINCOIN product, PLATINCOIN technology line is changing!


You can still participate in this incredible promotion today! And be proud of yourself for this smart decision. Because those who’ll join our community in a month will envy you!

Hurry up and buy Power Minter as a part of Limited Edition and Double Pack with a 30%.

From September on, the yield on the product’s new version will decline to 12%.

PLATINCOIN product PLATINCOIN technology. What new options will emerge?

The long-awaited crowdfunding platform. Many people wouldn’t believe it, but it has happened.
Therefore, our cryptocurrency will enable users to support millions of projects across the world.
And at the same time get dumbfounding gifts.
Such as exclusive jewelry with emeralds, rubies, several-carat diamonds, real estate properties at a 30% discount on the developer’s price and that’s not all!
You’ll soon be able to evaluate the projects and opportunities of our revolutionary technology!

Further, Smart contracts are among most reliable and secure tools in the crypto universe.
They will now work to secure your income.

Places in PLATINCOIN blockchain – every day, high technology is gaining increasingly more ground across the world.
Blockchain places will guarantee your personal involvement in the process.

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Why is the Power Minter’s yield declining?

Blockchain technology works according to its strict laws. This is what makes it so reliable. Transparent and protects it from abuse and inflation risks.

This is why we warned in advance that the yield would decline. Our project will definitely grow.

After all, launches of new cool products in our crypto system attract increasingly more participants.

How to get PLATINCOIN products with maximum profitability now?

So, already in September a Power Minter will bring its owners not 30%, but only 12% yield. However, these changes will only affect new purchases. All products purchased earlier, will work in the same mode. 

This also means that you can still buy goods right now. They will bring you maximum income!

PLATINCOIN product PLATINCOIN technology


We’d like to remind you of the LIMITED EDITION LEGENDARY PROMO conditions:

  • The LIMITED EDITION Plus Double Pack for €1,070 will give you 1 place in the blockchain, 1 Power Minter Promo worth €110 and a PLATINCOIN debit card;
  • The LIMITED EDITION Premium Double Pack for €5,350 – 6 blockchain places, 6 Power Minters Promo each worth €110, one PLC Secure Box worth €6,000 and a PLATINCOIN debit card;
  • The LIMITED EDITION Platin Double Pack for €9,951 – 12 blockchain places, 12 Power Minters Promo each worth €110, one PLC Secure Box worth €6,000 with a 20-year warranty and a PLATINCOIN debit card.

We are extending this unique promotion. This will give you a better chance of getting the best PLATINCOIN product. The prices will surprise you.

The Platincoin product will provide passive income for years to come.

Hurry up and take advantage of this opportunity – every day counts!

Platincoin EN Webinar 14.06.20 with Alex

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