Pizza with bacon

Pizza with bacon.


-520g flour
-5g dry yeast fast
-½ tsp salt
-30ml olive oil
-400ml tomato sauce
-2 red onions
-300g bacon
-300g mozzarella


Sift the flour (500g) in a large bowl, add salt and yeast. Pour into the middle recess 300 ml of water mixed with oil and stir slowly collecting flour edges.
Knead, sparing no effort to got dough, behind the hand, and then put to rise in a warm humid place for an hour.
When the dough will increase in volume by half, you can start making pizza.
Roll out the dough into a round cake on a floured surface and distribute the tomato sauce on top.
Cut the onion rings are displayed on the surface.
On the bow lay thin slices of bacon and mozzarella balls.
Bake in a preheated 220 degrees oven for 20 minutes.

пицца с беконом

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