Pizza in a new way.

Pizza in a new way.

Without a single gram of flour! Without yeast! No baking powder and yogurt!
-chicken breast To “test” 500 gr.
-Egg 1 pc.
-salt to taste
-pepper to taste
-dried (or fresh) herbs, I put dill to taste
-red sweet pepper For filling 0.5 pc.
-yellow sweet pepper 0.5 pcs.
-Orange sweet pepper 0.5 pcs.
-100 grams of cheese.
-crumbly cheese 150g.
-a handful of spinach leaves to taste
-little bundle of green onions to taste
-tomatoes in s / s For the sauce 400 ml.
-sugar 1/2 hour. l.
-dried basil 1/2 hours. l.
-salt 1/2 hours. l.
-garlic cloves 2 pieces.

Chicken breast grind in a blender
Mix spices
Spread an even layer on a baking paper. If the “dough” stick to hands, distributes it soaked hand in cold water
We send in a preheated 380 F oven for 18-20 t minutes
Korzhik should be slightly dry
Meanwhile, cook the sauce: mix the tomato juice and spices boiled approx 10-15 minutes over low heat stirring constantly. Evaporate excess water and the sauce thickens
Prepare the filling – cut peppers, spinach and onions, grate cheese.
Remove the cake from the oven, lubricate the sauce, spread the stuffing
And again in the oven until everything is beautiful not zapechёtsya 15 minutes ..

пиц по новому

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