Pizza “Crown”

Pizza “Crown”.

пицца корона

• Milk – 100 ml
• Water – 100 ml
• Eggs – 1 pc
• Sugar – 1.5 hours. The l
• salt – 1 hour. A
• olive oil – 50 ml (40 ml to 10 ml of the test and for filling)
• wheat flour – 400 gr
• Yeast – 1.5 tsp

1. Sift the flour, add salt and yeast, make a recess in the middle and pour the milk into the recess and water, mixed with olive oil (40 ml).
2. Gently mix until homogeneous and dough, gradually collecting flour from the edges.
3. Then the dough is actively Mnemonic repeatedly stretch, roll slap on the table, sparing no effort. It must be very flexible and come off the hands and the table. Well promyatoe close and put the dough in a warm place to rise for 30-40 minutes.
4. Roll out the dough into a thin circle.
5. From the center makes an incision along the radius (half the length of the radius).
6. Put the uncut edge of the circle layers of stuffing selected to taste. (Example: oil the mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise on top – mushrooms, fried with onions, ham, tomatoes, seasoning, salt and above all – grated cheese and olive oil).
7. Corners dough from the center of the stuffing and wrap to get something like a crown.
8. Bake at 180 ° C until light browning test. Serve hot.

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