Pineapple appetizer.

ананасовая закуска

Canned pineapples – Bank 1
• Cheese durum – 100 g
• Chicken Egg – 2 pcs.
• Lettuce “Iceberg” – 1 bunch
• Mayonnaise home – 1 tbsp. l.

1. Thus, we obtain a ring of pineapple from a jar, put them on a dish. Then I tore off pieces of lettuce and covered the hole of a pineapple. Well, then to the filling does not fall out.
2. For the filling, I joined cut into large cubes of boiled eggs, cheese and crab sticks. And season it all with mayonnaise – a little, as long as the filling is disintegrating.
3. It only remains to put the filling on pineapple. I was putting a small slide. Of course, you could decorate … Even greens.
But for some reason I wanted to leave the dish in such a way – it looked so snack on the table very gently.


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