Pies with pumpkin

Pies with pumpkin.

I encourage you to prepare delicious, juicy inside and crispy on the outside Plachinda with pumpkin at home. Simple and delicious pastries for the whole family.

If you do not know how to cook with pumpkin Plachinda, and probably did not hear about this famous Moldavian cuisine, then be sure to pay attention to this recipe. Stuffing can optionally be supplemented with dried fruit or candied fruit, for example. It is very tasty and quite easy.

плачинда с тыквой8

-Flour – 2 kg
-Water – 4 cups
-Vegetable oil – 3 tbsp. spoons
-Salt – 1 pinch
-Pumpkin – 500 grams
-Sugar – to taste

Servings: 11-12

Cooking method:     

1. test all incredibly easy. In a deep bowl combine salt, vegetable oil, water and flour. Knead the dough until until no stick to the hands, if necessary, adding flour. It is important not to interrupt the dough to keep it soft and supple.
2. Divide the dough into equal pieces, saying each of them into a ball. Depending on the desired size and volume pans, their number can be different.

плачинда с тыквой9
3. The recipe with pumpkin Plachinda good that everything is done very quickly. One lay out the balls on the work surface, floured, and rolled.

плачинда с тыквой9jpg
4. Clean the pumpkin, grate and add sugar to taste and cinnamon, if desired. You can also combine it with apples or dried fruit, for example.
5. Pour the filling, without sparing, but leaving the free edge.

плачинда с тыквой10jpg
6. The main feature is to make Plachinda with pumpkin – it’s right it close up. Make eight notches to the formation of the test was like a flower.

Alternately, take the edges and pull them to the center to close up tightly.

плачинда с тыквой12jpg
7. In a pan, pour a little vegetable oil and preheat. Gently lay Plachinda and cook over medium heat for about 10-15 minutes.
8. When the two sides formed a delicious crust with pumpkin Plachinda home is ready. Put it on a plate and let cool slightly, and you can bring to the table.

плачинда с тыквой11pg
9. appetizing, nourishing and easy – the perfect combination. Bon Appetit!

плачинда с тыквой12pg

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