Pie of pita bread with cheese and herbs

Pie of pita bread with cheese and herbs


2 thin lavash
2 eggs
250 ml. yogurt
a small bunch of dill and parsley
250 gr. any cheese


1. The oven heat to 220 degrees and grease with butter form.

2. Cheese grate, add finely chopped greens and mix. Eggs mixed with yogurt, add cheese, leaving about 1 \ 3 cup, stir.
3. The sheets of lavash grease kefir, put one sheet in the form so that the edges were hanging on him to put the second half to put the filling, the upper edge of the pita lift to the top, cover with stuffing on top of him to put the rest of the filling, cover the edges of the lower pita, top cake evenly pour the remaining yogurt, bake the cake until golden brown.

4. The cake is ready!


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