Pie ladybug



For the dough:
– Butter / margarine 200 g
– 150 g Sugar
– Egg 1 pc
– 350 g Flour
– Egg 1 pc
– Cocoa powder 50g
– Baking powder 10 g

For filling:
– Low-fat cottage cheese 600g
– Butter 100g
– 150 g Sugar
– Vanilla 1 tsp
– Starch 1.5 tbsp
– Egg 4 pcs

1. Dough: Butter with sugar, add all the other products on the list, carefully vymeshivaya. Spread the dough on the bottom of the arms and walls of the mold, leaving a small piece of test spots for ladybugs!
2. Filling: Beat the curd + oil with sugar and vanilla. Add starch. One by one add the eggs, stirring and then beating the minimum length of time, only to eggs completely intervened. Pour the filling over the dough.
3. Next, the remaining piece of dough forming arbitrary cake-spots and distribute them over the cheese. We put in a preheated 170 degree oven for 50 minutes.
4. Give the cool completely at room temperature. And then put in the refrigerator (3 hours).




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