Pets “Raffaello” with kiwi and nuts.

Pets “Raffaello” with kiwi and nuts.

Candy can be not only delicious but also very useful – these domestic “Raffaello” with kiwi and nuts, which you can easily prepare yourself.



3-4 kiwi
150 g of coconut candy
40 g of coconut for dusting
3 tbsp. l. honey
a handful of almonds or hazelnuts


1. Pour the almonds with boiling water for 20 minutes to release the nuts from the skins.

2. Kiwi peel and cut in small slices arbitrary. Put slices of kiwi in the bowl of a blender.
Add the honey and coconut.

3. Turn the resulting mass in a blender until smooth. Too finely comminuted mass is not necessary – the seeds of kiwi will give a kind of crunchy candy note. Now fruit and coconut mixture can be placed in the refrigerator for half an hour.

4. Clean the skin from the almonds. If desired, a little fry it on both sides in a frying pan.

5. To form chocolates soak his hand in the water. From a small amount of the mixture to roll the ball in the middle of an almond nut.

6. In a separate dish sprinkle remaining coconut and roll in her candy.
In the same way the entire shape of the candy mixture again place them in the refrigerator for one hour.

Kiwi fruit can be replaced with your favorite fruit – mango, papaya, melon or peach. Be creative and enjoy a tropical taste!




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