Pears in wine with mascarpone cheese

Pears in wine with mascarpone cheese

Today, you are presented with a fairly simple and easy to prepare dessert recipe that will be beautiful and unusual conclusion of the gala dinner.

So, pears in wine with mascarpone cheese.

Pears in wine with mascarpone cheese

For this dessert, we need:
5-6 large pears durum. 300-500 ml of wine. Better to take a red powder, when it is not necessary to use the wine that you yourself would not drink. Spice. Spices in this dish uses a lot and if any spices you like, they can be safely deleted. In general, all spices can add, “taste”. In this dish added: cloves, allspice and black pepper, bay leaf, star anise, cinnamon, orange zest. We also require a lemon, a little cognac, half a cup of cream, walnuts and, of course, mascarpone cheese – 450 grams.

First, you need to pour the wine into a saucepan, add spices and to get a few slices of lemon. Adding sugar to taste, and the best honey, wine and put on a slow fire. The wine should be hot, but you can not prevent boiling. While the wine is infused, it is necessary to prepare the pears.

They need to be peeled (leave the tail), clipped from the bottom, so that they are stable and put in hot wine-minute 20. It is important that the fruit was completely immersed in the wine. The resulting pears should be soft but still retain their shape.

Next, we pull out the pear and give them cool. At this time, beat the cream with the sugar. Add the mascarpone and continue to beat until smooth.
There also, if desired, you can add a little cinnamon or vanilla. Since Mascarpone is sometimes quite difficult to find, you can replace ice cream. The taste will be different, but it certainly will not be worse.

From the cooled pears gently pull out tails. they still need later. Now Corer (for pulling out the core tool of pears and apples) take out the core. If this is not the kitchen tool, the fruit can be cut in half, and to make a “boat” of them. Thereafter, pears dressed with cheese stuffing. Tails stuck in the filling, in a place where they should be.

Now, we bring to a boil the wine, and evaporated to about half. The vaporized and of strained wine need to add 2-3 tablespoons brandy spoon. Pour received a pear sauce, sprinkle them on top of nuts and serve hot.
Bon Appetit!

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