Patties with chicken and cream cheese


4 chicken pieces.

puff pastry sheet 1 pc.
cream cheese (it is better to take with garlic or filled with herbs), 3-4 tablespoons. l.
salt and pepper to taste
chicken egg 1 pcs.

Incredibly delicious cakes puff pastry with chicken and cream cheese – one of the best means of starvation. Serve them as possible and as a separate dish, and as a complement to the soup or main dish. Preheat oven to 200 degrees and sprinkle chicken with salt and pepper.
On work surface floured, roll puff pastry sheet and cut it into 4 large squares.
Brush each square of dough with cream cheese. Garlic and herbs can be added to the normal cream cheese, and you can buy cheese filling.
Place the squares, smeared with cream cheese, one piece of chicken and form patties. cut off the excess dough and use to decorate your cakes.
Whisk egg with 1 tablespoon water and brush the patties. Pay particular attention to seams.
Bake the cakes for 25 minutes.


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