Paste “Puttaneska.”

In this embodiment, the paste “Puttaneska” all sauce ingredients baked in the oven – just get incredibly delicious! Baked seasonal tomatoes, and even with garlic, even with the extra virgin olive oil, fragrant idea how?

паста путтанеска
-Cherry tomatoes cut in half or into quarters 700-800 gr.
-cloves of garlic finely chopped 2 pcs.
-3 tablespoons capers. l.
-olive oil, extra-virgin 2 tbsp. l.
-Salt and black pepper to taste
-large olives 1/3 cup
-Average pasta penne or fusilli type 350 g.

Preheat oven to 420F degrees.
Mix the tomatoes, capers, garlic, olives, olive oil, salt and pepper and arrange on a baking sheet. Fry 25-35 minutes, until the tomatoes are soft and begin to brown in some places.
Meanwhile, boil the pasta al dente.
Mix the pasta with the sauce, add salt and pepper to taste, sprinkle with olive oil and serve.

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