Pasta for Halloween

For pasta you can add a favorite sauce, for example, of tuna. Then the dish will be much richer. The tuna sauce to cook very simple. Need in oil canned tuna fry the chopped onion and chili, put tuna, add soy sauce, a spoonful of sour cream and heat.

Among the recipes for Halloween usually sweet food that difficult to prepare. I decided to find a meatless dish that is easy to prepare. And just wanted to eat normally 🙂

Tagliatelle — 200 G
Salt — to taste
Black pepper — to taste
Olive oil — 1 PT. spoon
Butter — 2 Tbsp. spoon
Mozzarella (balls) — 2 Pieces (small size)
Black olives pitted — 4 Pieces

How to cook pasta for Halloween?
1. In a pot of water in which to cook the pasta, add salt and olive oil. Bring to the boil and cook tagliatelle according to directions on packaging.
2. The balls of mozzarella cut in half.
3. The finished pasta into a colander. A little bit of water in which the noodles were cooked, save.
4. Return the pasta to the pan, add butter, stir to dissolve the oil (this can be done on a hot plate and add a little water from pasta). Then in a pot for pasta, add freshly ground black pepper. Do not spare. Mix well.
5. Put the pasta in a La carte dishes. Of mozzarella cheese and black olives make the eyes.
Pasta is ready for Halloween!

Bon appetit!

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