Pancakes with orange sauce.

Pancakes with orange sauce.

But the main secret of their popularity – in a delightful orange sauce, sweet, caramel, slightly tart, “velvet”.

блинчик с соус6



Wheat flour 100g
Chicken egg 1 piece.
Powdered sugar 100 g
Butter 90 g
Melted butter 25g
Orange 3 pieces.
Lemon 1 pc.
Cognac 30ml

Cooking method:
1. In the capacity sift 100g of flour and pour 25 g of powdered sugar. Remove the zest from one orange and add 1 egg smes.Dobavlyaem.
Add 1 egg.

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2.Batter for pancakes, pouring slowly 150 ml of milk at room temperature. The next, so that no lumps. Then pour the remaining 150 ml of milk and 25 g butter, melted pre-simmered.

3.Testo stir until smooth and set aside for half an hour “rest”. Then bake in a pan thin and small in diameter pancakes. On one pancake is about 3 tbsp. l. test. Just to get them up to 12 pcs.

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4. Now prepare the orange sauce. First of 2-orange and 1 lemon Juice and lemon zest and remove more. Mix the juice and zest together and pour 50 ml of orange liqueur quality (“Cointreau”, “triple sec”, “Curacao”).

5.Get citrus liqueur mixture ship into the cold and to the same pan Pour 75 grams of powdered sugar. Put the pan on low heat and wait for the dissolution of the sugar crystals. Then the heat is amplified and boil the mixture for about 3 minutes. After that, put it on 90 g of cut pieces of butter, stir until it dissolves before and cook 4 minutes, allowing slight boil.

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6. After that we send into the boiling sauce first attempt, making sure he soaked from all sides. When this happens, turn the pancake four times, move to the edge of the pan, and send in the following sauce. Repeat these operations until the sauce impregnated with 4 pancakes.

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7.Delaem more heat and keep the pancakes with sauce for another minute, and then sprinkled with brandy and ignite (it’s called flaming). For it does not burn, you have to use a long match or a candle. Immediately after this first batch of crepes Suzette remove from heat and shifts in the dish, and the sauce will send a second portion, and so it went until, until the pancakes are completed. Prepared crepes Suzette pour the remaining sauce and decorate with slices of oranges.

блинчик с соус7 блинчик с соус7

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