Pancakes, pies.

Pancakes, pies.

We need:

2 eggs 500 ml. sour milk (or yogurt + milk), 200 gr. cottage cheese (I 5%), 1 tsp soda, 300 gr. flour, salt and sugar.


Cottage cheese, beat eggs, add half the milk, salt, sugar (if the pies are stuffed with savory salt is slightly larger, and vice versa) and pour the flour. The remaining milk adding soda, mix well. And connects to the curd. All good stir.
Making the stuffing to taste. For example, mushrooms fried mushrooms and onions. In a well-heated frying pan pour a portion of the test, reduce the heat and cover with a lid. Once noticeable that the bottom of the pancake fry – we place the stuffing (near the center).
and accurately, helping spatula, fold the pancake in half.
Cover the pan with a lid on for 1-2 minutes, then turn over the pancake and then cover with a lid.

The filling can be any brand: cottage cheese, mushrooms, chicken with mushrooms, eggs and onions or cherries, peaches, apples.

блинч пирож


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