Pancakes millet cereal yogurt.

The recipe is quite complicated, but it’s worth it! To learn how to cook, you need to “get the hand.”

For the dough: kefir, 1 liter. 0.5 packs of cheese, 5 eggs, 2 st.l.podsolnechnogo butter, vanilla, baking soda gashen.uksusom, flour, salt, Article 0.5. millet cereal.

Beat the eggs, add cottage cheese, podsoln.maslo, baking soda, salt, yogurt, vanilla, millet gruel, boiled to the consistency of semolina flour.
The dough should have a liquid. To dough was without lumps, and it’s important to shake up the dough blender. After the dough prepared by adding yeast. Mix.
Yeast: Mix 1 tsp dry yeast, a little water, flour, 1 tablespoon Sahara. Cover tightly and let the yeast to “climb”.

The dough for pancakes I cook usually late at night, close tightly and leave for the night. And in the morning, when the dough “rise”, bake pancakes.

Pan to lubricate just once, before the first baking. Ready-made pancakes with butter to grease.
Pancakes – super!

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