Burger with turkey

Burger with turkey.

Nice and cute turkey … How we love and for a useful dietary meat. Of course, it is no substitute for our chicken, but still … Let’s not forget about it and when preparing burgers.
1 buckwheat bun
200g minced turkey
1-2 slices of mozzarella
2 leaf lettuce Romano
1 large slice of tomato
2-3 slices of cucumber
half of a small onion
onion fries
homemade mayonnaise
Vegetable oil for frying
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Bulgur with dried mushrooms, broccoli and peanuts

Bulgur with dried mushrooms, broccoli and peanuts.

Bulgur help diversify Lenten table, this recipe becomes quite hearty, and orange fits great and gives a touch of freshness.
broccoli — 200 g
bulgur — 200 g
Dried mushrooms — 50 grams
soy sauce — 2 tbsp
roasted peanuts — 50 g
orange — 1 pc.
olive oil — 2 tbsp
Dried basil, cumin, coriander — a pinch
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Tiramisu dessert


Tiramisu dessert when all main meals eaten, it’s time to sweet food — dessert.
The choice of desserts is limitless. Jelly and mousse, soufflé and ice cream, creams and flans, sweet pastries and fruit — is «integration» list of dessert recipes.
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Ossetian pies from the leaves of beets and fresh cheese.

Ossetian pies from the leaves of beets and fresh cheese.

Recipes cakes with greens are almost all national cuisines. And their choices — a great variety.

flour — 300 g
milk — 100 ml
drinking water — 100 ml
butter — 30 g
fresh yeast — 10 g
sugar -. 1 tsp.
butter for greasing
For filling:
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Italian cheesecake.

Italian cheesecake.


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