Orange porridge with honey cherries.

Sometimes you need to take care of the breakfast the night before. Of course, if you want something unusual. For example, oatmeal with orange flavor, complemented by sweet cherries in honey and almonds. Why not? After all, nothing complicated about this dish is not, and fun – plenty!

Orange juice(freshly squeezed) 2 cups
2 cups yogurt
honey 1 tbsp. l.
almond(sliced) 1/4 cup
oat flakes(not fast food!) 2 cups
1 cup cherry

Cooking method:
1.Pour oatmeal into a deep bowl and pour the orange juice. The juice is better to take fresh and cereal – not extra, because they will turn into mush.
2.Mix …
3.Cover with cling film and send it in the refrigerator overnight or for at least 3 hours.
4.In the morning or before serving, remove the orange oatmeal out of the refrigerator. The flakes were filled with juice and soft steel. Arrange on plates of oatmeal.
5.Add the yogurt …
6.And mix well.
7.Next – cherries. Cut them in half and remove pits.
8.Place the cherries in a flameproof dish …
9.Pour honey and place in a preheated oven at maximum a couple of minutes. When the honey begins to bubble, you can remove the cherries out of the oven …
10.Spread them on oatmeal …
11.Sprinkle with almonds …
12.And serve.


Bon Appetit!

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