Oatmeal Pancake with a apple

Oatmeal Pancake with a apple.

-Oat flour (+ 5-10 g for apples) 125 gr.
-Soda 3/4 hours. L.
-Salt 1/4 hour. L.
-Chicken eggs 3 pcs.
-Natural yogurt (no flavors) 150 gr.
-Skimmed milk 75g.
-Sweetener to taste
-Apple 1 pcs.
-Cinnamon 1/2 hour. L.

Prepare dough Pancake almost standard way. First, mix the flour, salt and baking soda.
Next, beat 2 egg whites in a solid foam, add sahzam and stir for 1 minute to dissolve it.
In a separate bowl, mix the remaining 2 egg yolks and one egg, yogurt and milk.
Enter a loose mixture of ingredients. Well knead and type proteins. The dough will be uniform and dense.
Give the dough “rest” for 5 minutes, and cook until the apples. In a separate bowl mix a little oatmeal, cinnamon and sahzam. The dough can add a little vanilla or cinnamon, depending what flavor you closer.
Carefully remove the core by making small incisions around the top of the pit (the opposite side from the “tail”).
Cut out the middle of the apple and cut into slices the thickness of approx. 2-3 mm.
Getting Pancake baked with apples. Please circle collapses on both sides in the flour mixture and put it on a hot non-stick pan for 20-30 seconds to Apple was a bit bland.
Next, pour the batter on top of the apple so that it covers the apple. Bake on both sides for 2-3 minutes, making sure that Pancake is not burnt.

пышные овсныя панкейки


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