Oatmeal cookies with banana and chocolate


Banana small — 1 pc.
Brown sugar — 45 g
Eggs — 1 pc.
Butter — 30 g
Flour — 75 g
Oat Flakes — 90 g
A pinch of salt
A handful of chocolate drops, chocolate or crushed
Disintegrant — 1 hour. L.


1. Banana to stretch into a puree, add the melted butter and brown sugar, stir.
2. Separately, whip the egg and add to first mixture.

3. Add the flour and mix.

4. Add the oatmeal, stir again.

5. Add chocolate and stir.

6. Use two spoons to form balls and lay them on a baking sheet, the laid paper baking. Bake 20 minutes at 180 g. Cool on a wire rack.

Enjoy your tea!

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