Nutmeg – is a spice obtained from ripened fruits (seeds) nutmeg tree. These seeds are brown or light (by treatment with lime) nucleoli 2 x 1.5 or 2 x 3 cm, with wrinkled skin, burning spicy-sweet flavor and exquisite peculiar smell. Drink the nutmeg in a powdered form, rubbing immediately before use to spice has not lost its flavor.
Muscat is widely used in cooking in many countries: England, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, India, Thailand, Iran, Morocco, Tunisia, Indonesia.
This spice is added to salads, soups, soups, broths, specialties from cottage cheese and cheese in the main dishes of fish, lamb, veal, beef, pork, poultry and game, rice and mushrooms in preserves, jams and compotes fruit.
Muscat makes a brighter taste of vegetables: potatoes, rutabagas, turnips, cabbage, of red, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kohlrabi, spinach, onions, celery, squash, broccoli, zucchini. Also nutmeg put in egg dishes, cereals, milk, flour: fried eggs, scrambled eggs, cereal, pasta, fondue, cakes, dumplings, dumplings, pancakes, muffins, pie, puddings, cakes, dumplings, cakes, cookies, gingerbread, puddings , pies, cakes, pretzels.
The food industry uses the nutmeg in the production of sausages, frankfurters, pâté, spicy and pickled herring, hot-smoked fish, confectionery, bakery products, liquors, mustard, ketchup. This spice is indispensable in sauces and homemade: bread, rusks, Bolognese, béchamel.
Spice lay in the main dish for 2-3 minutes before the end of cooking, and the dough – kneading. Norma bookmarks per serving – no more than 0.1 g Nutmeg is a part of complex spices (curry, masala, Bologna, Frankfurt mixture, etc..), It goes well with black, allspice, pepper “chili”, cardamom, coriander, marjoram, cinnamon, thyme, cumin, ginger, basil, dill, peppermint and oregano.

Application for medicinal purposes:

Nutmeg is widely used in the modern pharmaceutical industry and in medicine. Depending on the dose of this spice acts as a stimulant or, alternatively, as a mild sedative.
Nutmeg stimulates blood circulation, improves intestinal function, helps with colds, diseases of the digestive tract, flatulence, diarrhea, migraines, benign tumors, tuberculosis, varicose veins, arthritis, rheumatism, osteochondrosis, diseases of the heart, liver and spleen. The spice has a positive effect on the immune and nervous system, normalizes sleep and appetite.

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