-400 Grams of chicken;
-75 Grams — cheese
-Stakan — Vegetable oil;
-140 Grams — breadcrumbs;
-Three eggs;
-floor Glass — flour;
-hydrochloric, To taste.

How to cook:

1.Moem chicken breast, cut into pieces and mince.
2. Obtaining minced salt, add 1 egg and mix.
3.Syr grate and add to the stuffing, mix again.
4.Yaytsa in a separate bowl, mix until smooth, prepare bowls obvalivaniya nuggets and pour the flour and breadcrumbs.
5.Delaem not great burgers and spread to the board.
6.Poocheredno, begin to dip chicken nuggets flour, then roll in egg and then in breadcrumbs.
7.Razogrevaem oil in a frying pan, fry the nuggets for 5-8 minutes until a beautiful color, fillet cooked very quickly.
8.Vykladyvaem cooked nuggets on a paper napkin that would be too much oil glass. 9.Luchshe best served with a sauce or ketchup (choose at its discretion.)

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