Netherlands culinary

Netherlands culinary

This country is famous for its cows, windmills, tulips and cheese, its population almost without exception rides a bicycle, a part of its territory in Europe – the other in the Caribbean. And it erroneously called Holland, while officially it is called the Netherlands, and South and North Holland is only 2 out of 12 provinces. Despite all its beauty and other amenities, our grandmothers from the Netherlands would not be happy, because they will not eat hot lunch – no borsch with donuts or soup with dumplings! As the Dutch eat?

Country: Netherlands

Official name: Kingdom of the Netherlands (Koninkrijk der Nederlanden)

Together with the islands of Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten, which have special status of self-governing public education, the Netherlands constitute State Netherlands.

Niderandy on the world map: the state, composed of Western European parts and islands of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba in the Caribbean. In Western Europe, the territory bordering the North Sea and borders with Germany and Belgium.

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The feed here?

How many times did my mother tell you not to eat cold food! Not eat sandwiches! To disobey her, it was enough to flee to the Netherlands – are here for breakfast and lunch, solid snacks and sandwiches of all sorts and sizes. Sandwich in Dutch simple: hot bread, butter, bacon, cheese and a slice of pineapple – probably for burning fat.

Speaking of cheese. Cheese in the Netherlands always the way! Dutch we know from childhood, Edam also has habitually looks at any table, and how many kinds of cheese made from cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk? A people’s love for cheese is shown in the number of dishes, where he if not the principal, then at least an integral part!

What do you think, where they eat the most potatoes? In Belarus? But not guessed. All records in the potato-eating beat Netherlands! In any city there are stalls selling french fry: potato fries with ketchup, mayonnaise and onion in a paper bag, and another potato side dish unchanged in 99 of 100 hot dishes.

Dutch herring … is it – then you can not say anything, but I will continue!

Eat it right here on the run: the tail in his mouth – a tradition. Or else – chopped slices with onion and pickles, sandwich or fish – herring in a bun. As a premium and panharing – fried herring and re buoy Paling meth slings – eel, fried with molasses. But the most favorite delicacy in the Netherlands is salted herring!

In the evening comes, finally, the hot! Under a hot dish here understand hutspot (hot gorschok) – sliced chunks of boiled or stewed beef, which is served on a platter with a side dish of vegetable puree, made from boiled carrots, onions and potatoes under the fragrant sauce. This vegetable puree called shtamppot and usually served with a smoked sausage or meatballs. You can still enjoy hutspot – Dutch beef stew, consisting of stewed meat, boiled potatoes, carrots and onions or just pea soup.

The favorite dishes from the Dutch pancakes – pannenkoeken and pancakes poffertjes, which are eaten with ham, bacon, cheese, jam. Not all at once, of course, a separately! In the Netherlands, a kind of fast food: vending machines … croquettes, baked tubes filled with stew.

A typical Dutch dishes – omelets, ordinary peasant omelette: casserole of fried potatoes with ham, carried to the finals in the oven with cheese and beaten eggs.

In general, the Dutch like to eat – 5-6 times a day, nourishing, appetizing and seasoning. The impression is that calories are not considered – vegetables cooked with butter or cream, steak thickness pleasing to the eye, and most importantly – all with sauce! Hollandaise sauce – the best seasoning for any vegetable, fish or meat dishes.

Dessert and drinks

The Dutch do not represent the life without coffee and sweet. The terrible sweet tooth … Even in a peasant kitchen there is cake! Reystart – rice cake with a base of dough and apricots. And Dutch biscuits, cakes, sweets and chocolate are famous simply for the whole world. For even coffee assigned Coffee time (koffietijd) between 10 and 11 am or 19 and 20 pm and to any cup of coffee is required to be served or one pechenyushki cupcake. Try another hot chocolate, milk and anise Kwast – warm lemonade.

National Alcohol and alcoholic beverages in the Netherlands is Eneyver (juniper brandy) and the delicious Dutch beers such as Lager. Ladies, you can try the local liqueur Advocaat – like liquid cream whipped eggs and brandy ice cream is especially tasty!

National dishes

Dutch cooks can not imagine my kitchen without cheese: toast and hot sandwiches, snacks with cheese, salads … and fondue! It suddenly came to visit you? Reach cheese, fork and bread!

Dutch Foundation

Dutch Foundation

We need (for 4-6 people):

0,5 small onion;
1 cup milk;
500 g grated Gouda cheese;
2 tsp cumin seeds;
3 tsp corn flour;
3 tbsp. tablespoons gin;
Rye (white) bread,
small mushrooms


Rub the fondue pot wall for half onion, pour the milk and bring to a boil. Gradually add cheese, stirring until melted. Add cumin. Mix the flour with gin, stir, add the cheese mixture and heated for another 3 minutes, stirring constantly, until the mixture is creamy. Add pepper to taste and a basement with cubes of rye bread and mushrooms.

hollandaise sauce

As well as the famous Dutch cheese sauces. Dutch chefs are constantly coming up with new and new recipes, fried in sauce, baked in sauce, marinated in sauce and all this with a different set of spices and the main – the main hollandaise sauce. Universal sauce, which is suitable for meat, fish and vegetables we are prepare in just 10 minutes!


200 g butter
2 tsp flour
250 ml of broth
juice of 1 lemon
1 egg – one piece
1 / tsp salt


Melt the butter, stirring constantly. Add the flour and broth, while continuing to stir. When the mass thickens up the heat and bring to a boil. Then pour the sauce egg yolk and lemon juice and mix thoroughly. Remove from heat and let cool slightly, then strain into a gravy boat through a metal sieve. Serve hot.

Christmas Dutch donuts

Christmas Dutch donuts

In the Netherlands donuts – traditional New Year dish. The aroma of donuts spreads in the New Year’s Eve all over the country!

It is necessary (for 30 pieces):

500 g flour
400-500 ml of milk
30 g yeast
100g raisins
50 g candied
50 g of crushed walnuts or almonds
2-3 sour apples
teaspoon salt
1-1.5 liters of vegetable oil for frying
powdered sugar


Sift flour and salt into a bowl, make a recess in the mound of flour. Dissolve the yeast in warm milk (half the total), pour into the flour and mix. Then add the egg and a little milk residue. Knead the dough until it is elastic and give it a little go. This time, washed and dried raisins, chopped candied fruit, nuts and apples. Add all dough, mix and warm up dates (about 1 hour).

Heat the oil in a deep bowl, molded balls of dough (for example, with a spoon) and fry them in oil for about 5 minutes until browned. Spread on paper towel to remove excess fat. When they have cooled a bit, sprinkle donuts with powdered sugar.

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