Nachos — tortilla chips from corn tortillas with various additives. Hearty and healthy dish that can be prepared at home for their whole family.

-1 large package of corn chips
-500 gr minced meat (pork or beef)
-2 tablespoons olive oil
-2 tablespoons of the sauce «BBQ»
-1 teaspoon sea salt
-200 g Cheddar cheese, finely RUB
-1 Cup sour cream
-1 avocado, diced
-1 tomato, diced
-The green coriander

1. Oil heat in a pan, season with salt and fry the minced meat, mix with barbecue sauce
2. Combine sour cream, minced, chopped cilantro.
3. Chips put in portions, serve with meat, avocado, tomatoes and cheese.

Bon appetit!


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