Mulled wine «New Year»

The mulled wine all in harmony and flavor of lemon and orange, clove bitterness, sweetness, aroma of vanilla and severity of hot peppers! Feelings after mulled wine — excellent! It goryachitelny that warms the body and soul a drink on a cold winter evening, cheer up and create a warm holiday atmosphere, good and love!  All of happiness. peace and goodness ! 🙂

Happy New Year! With new happiness! New every success!

300 ml of semi-sweet red wine
100 ml water
2-3 tbsp. l. (taste)) brown sugar
1 h. L. vanilla sugar (with natural vanilla)
1/2 apple
1 orange
cinnamon — 2 fell.
star anise — 1 star.
Carnation — 4 col.
Black pepper peas — 7 pcs
red pepper — a little
citric 1/2 pcs.
raisins — Art. l.

Squeeze the juice from the orange.
Welded syrup 100 ml of water, orange juice and sugar -varim 1min.
Add all the spices, raisins, apple, lemon and sliced.
Cook for 3 minutes. under the hood.
Add the wine and heat on high heat to a boil, but do not boil!
Remove from the heat, give it brew, covered tightly with a lid and a large towel for 15 minutes. Strain and drink hot!

Perfect all mood!

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