Jam rich in pectin – substances that are found in fresh and processed fruits. For the body, they are good because they bind and remove harmful chemicals out. If you replace the jam harmful sweets, you can not just make a slimmer figure, but also significantly improve health. Especially useful in the season of colds infections such as a jam …
✔ Sea Buckthorn
Seabuckthorn retains vitamin C, even when heated.
Jam made from this fruit – a great natural antioxidant, because vitamin C in sea buckthorn much.
In addition, sea buckthorn berries contain volatile, playing the role of natural antibiotics, which are struggling with reproduction of pathogenic microbes in the body.
✔ Cranberry
Jam made from cranberries useful core and people with a weak stomach, irregular feed. Due to specific molecules cranberries lowers blood pressure, reduces the content of harmful cholesterol in the blood and prevents stomach ulcers.
From chokeberry
Ryabinovoye jam successfully helps with jumps of arterial pressure, quickly relieves mental and physical stress.
Plum is one of the few fruits that retain nutrients during processing. Especially useful discharge for those who suffer from vascular problems: its fruits rich in vitamin K, which is struggling with thrombosis, and vitamin P, strengthens blood vessels.

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  1. Plum also would help with constipation

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