Montenegro. The feed here?

Montenegro. The feed here?

The people of this country are hospitable and friendly, to a request to sell – they can just give you like a souvenir, and the road will explain all ways. They themselves come up with jokes about their national laziness, while the rise at dawn and work until midnight. Probably laziness only in this country there was an ancient milk line – for the delivery of milk from the mountains.

The land in this country is considered to be a holy place, here pilgrims of all major religions. Welcome to Montenegro – Montenegro.

Country: Montenegro (Crna Gora, Crna Gora, Montenegro).

Montenegro on the world map: a State in south-eastern Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula, washed by the Adriatic Sea. Montenegro has land borders with Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, partially recognized the Republic of Kosovo and Albania. The capital of Montenegro – Podgorica. Until June 2006, it was part of a confederal State Union of Serbia and Montenegro.

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The feed here?

If you are fond of culinary tourism, then you it’s time to go to Montenegro.

Montenegro National cuisine is delicious, nourishing, and her original … original to our ears the names of dishes. Besides serving dishes will please not only the eyes – serving sizes are so spectacular that you can order one dish for two. Otherwise, you risk not to try more than one per meal. If you prefer to dairy and meat dishes, start their journey from the northern mountainous area if fish and seafood – from the coast. But wherever you go, you expect fresh and natural products in the first, second and third.

What kind of dishes to try in the first place and love the second?

Let’s start with the first dishes – a soup-stew in different variations with a common name Ciorba (Čorba), which can be prepared from the meat, vegetables, noodles, fish and seafood (Riblja Čorba), and even nettle (Čorba od koprive).

By soups, meat, but almost all the dishes served will certainly clotted cream – a fermented milk product of the whole milk-like salted cream. Clotted cream and use as a marinade for lamb or poultry.

Purely village by local standards were dishes in the gourmet menu, for example tsitsvara (Cicvara) and popara (Popara), which is usually served for breakfast. They are trained from a young unsalted cheese, only the first with cornmeal and the second stale bread and milk.


Meat menu just please anyone:

Yagnayatina out of Sacha (Jagnjetina ispod sača) – fantastically tasty dish of lamb, baked in the coals in the pot under the lid.
Brave in with milk (Brav u Mlijeku) – lamb stewed in milk with spices and potatoes
Cevapcici (Ćevapčići) – Montenegrin sausage of minced beef or pork with onions and spices, roasted on the grill.
Pleskavitsa – huge juicy meat patty, just baked on the grill
Puneni razhnichi – zavrenutye in pshrut and skewered pieces of meat on shapazhku
And all this can be enjoyed immediately by ordering one dish – “prevents the meat“, ie cold cuts in the Montenegrin understanding.


If you just want a snack, you just can not go past negushskogo prosciutto or cheese. Do not try Njeguški pršut it means simply visit Cherngorii, because it is not just the thinnest slices of cured ham and national tradition, transmitted from generation to generation. Among all the countries prosciutto king recognized prosciutto, cooked in the village Njegusi in pure mountain air with a prescription from a special secret. Negushsky cheese from goat’s or sheep’s milk, like unsalted cheese is delicious by itself, and even more “of Ulia” (bees here at anything – it’s cheese in olive oil).

Fish table coastal areas of the country deserves a separate chapter in the poem of the Montenegrin cuisine:

whole baked carp with garlic sauce, olive oil and herbs;
Mauchle or shkolki – mussels in tomato sauce, white wine and garlic are very popular among men;
gourmet salad osmnoga;
Gumboro and cupboard – large and small shrimp.

Dessert and drinks

Sweet tooth as well have something to eat in Montenegro! Leave aside the usual desserts, turned his attention to the local sweet temptations:

tulumba (Tulumba) – soaked in fragrant syrup sweets made from unleavened dough;
palachinke (palačinka) – rolls with sweet pancakes with cream, jam, melted chocolate and whipped cream;
Baklava (vaklava) – Turkish dessert in the Montenegrin version flavored with raisins and nuts;
donuts (Krofne) custard, fruit jam, marmalade or chocolate.


To wash down all this splendor strong coffee, a cult drink of Montenegro. His drinking, always and everywhere, in preference to tea. Tea is drunk more than “health” – chamomile or mint.

18 (2)

Of the more hard liquor in the first place is the local brandy – vodka fruit of all kinds of fruits and berries. It is followed by homemade rum, sugary, but it is suitable for coffee. Montenegrin wine – a separate issue, to it is taken very seriously, just from a scientific point of view. Each wine – its way of feeding your dish. One is heated, the other is cooled, and the third at ambient temperature drink. In Montenegro, there are numerous festivals, exhibitions and wine tastings.

National dishes

So, after watching plenty of delicious photographs and descriptions of dishes, go to their cooking! Today we have “meat day”!


19-20 (2)1 19-20 (2)2


500 g flour
2 tablespoons margarine
1 tsp salt
Water (about 125 ml)
150 g margarine for greasing layers
or packaging of the finished thin puff pastry (filo)

For filling:

500 g of pork and beef 300 g; or 400 grams of lamb and beef; or 400 g of cottage cheese (cottage cheese), 2 eggs, 200 grams of thick cream with a pinch priparav
3 large onions
25 g fat
2 eggs
salt and pepper to taste
2 tablespoons margarine or butter

Knead the dough, divide into 4 pieces and roll out thinly on a table to pour the flour. Give a little to dry the sheets. Prepare the stuffing for filling. Lubricate each sheet of dough with margarine or butter, put the stuffing and roll along the sheet roll, pinch the edges. Close the roll in the ring and put it in the center of greased round form, the following rolls “to twist around the first, forming a spiral.

Lubricate burek with oil and place in preheated oven. Bake until golden in color. Then sprinkle the surface burek with water and put in the oven for a couple of minutes.

Cevapcici – grilled sausages!

21 (1)

Next traditional Montenegrin meal fit for a spring picnic. Replacing the traditional barbecue.


400 g of finely-ground ground beef
200 g of the same pig
200g minced lamb
1 tsp ground paprika and black pepper
2 tsp salt
4 cloves garlic
½ tsp soda
finely chopped onion for garnish

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl and molded sausages 2, 5 cm in diameter and about a finger long. Broil on charcoal grill for 8-10 minutes on each side (do not open fire!). Serve with chopped onions and herbs.


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