MIRACLE 7 product that cleanses the body better than any medicine.

What to eat to achieve a stronger cleanse the body?

Cabbage includes a large amount of dietary fiber which bind heavy metals and toxins from the intestine and excreted. Also cabbage has organic acids that have a positive effect on digestion and stabilizes the microflora. But that’s not all. It contains enough rare vitamin U, which “kills” hazardous substances and is involved in the synthesis of vitamins and even heals ulcers.
How to use: it can be fresh or pickled, or even in the form of juice.

качан капусты

Red beets.
Beetroot – “Cleaner” of the body №1. Firstly, in the composition of beet – fiber, copper, phosphorus, vitamin C and a variety of mineral acids which improve digestion and killing putrefactive bacteria in the gut. Secondly, it is composed of lipotropic substance “betaine” which causes the liver to better get rid of toxins. And, thirdly, beets helps to rejuvenate the body by folic acid (created more new cells) and quartz (improves skin, hair and nails).
How to use: boiled, can be a soup, or as a salad or a juice.

More than 400 useful components contained just one clove of garlic. These components are cleaned blood vessels, reduce blood cholesterol levels and kill the cause of brain cancer – glioblastoma multiforme cells! The components of garlic destroy the cause of stomach ulcers – Helicobacter! Kill worms and diphtheria, tuberculosis bacillus.
How to use: best fresh or in powdered state.


Most vazhnok in onions – volatile stored in essential oils. Volatile just seconds Most of killing bacteria and fungi. Also, onions helps to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients, and even improves appetite. Luke also contains a large amount of sulfur, which neutralizes and destroys “all harmful.”
How to use: usually fresh in a salad or as a tincture on alcohol and facials (acne and blackheads).



Apples stabilize the operation of the entire digestive system, because of pectin and cellulose, which “binds” toxins! Apples improve appetite, help the development of gastric juice, relieve constipation. Also, apples destroy pathogens of influenza virus A, dysentery, Staphylococcus aureus.
How to use: they are usually consumed fresh, and only with the skin, it is also possible in the form of juice and grated, “mush” as a compote.


Many people, unfortunately, do not know the properties of the “south” of the fruit. And for good reason. Avocado includes excellent stuff “glutathione”, which blocks many dangerous carcinogens while “unloading” the liver. Also, avocado stabilizes cholesterol levels, aids digestion, supplies the body with oxygen.
How to use: it is usually eaten fresh, as dried fruits or “oil”.

Cranberry is probably one of the strongest “natural” antibiotics and antiviral agents! Cranberries cleanse the bladder and the path of the dangerous bacteria. What is equally important is that cranberry helps fight the formation of cancer cells, as well as cleans the blood clots and plaque in blood vessels.
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