Mini pancakes with salmon and spicy cream sauce.

Flour, 160 gr.
Baking powder 1 hour. L.
Salt 1/4 hour. L.
Chopped dill 1 tbsp. l.
Cream cheese 50 gr.
Softened butter 25 gr.
Egg 1 pc.
Milk 170 g.
Salted or Smoked Salmon 250g.
Fat sour cream (30%) 120 g.
Ready horseradish 1 hour. L.
Salt 1/4 hour. L.

Mix flour with baking powder, salt and finely chopped dill.
In a separate bowl whisk lightly whisk the egg, milk, cream cheese and melted butter.
We connect the two mix and knead the dough uniform thickish.
Preheat a frying pan and grease it with vegetable oil. Pour 2 tsp dough and bake small cakes, about 1 minute on each side.
While cakes cool, prepare the sauce. To do this, mix sour cream with horseradish, salt to taste.
The fish is cut into small thin slices.
For each pancake put 1 tsp cream and a slice of fish. Garnish with sprigs of dill and serve.

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