Millet porridge with pumpkin.

Millet porridge with pumpkin.


-Purified pumpkin – 550 g

-millet 1 measuring cup

-5 milk jiggers

-brown sugar 2 tbsp demarera. l. (+/-)

-butter, 25 gr

-a pinch of cinnamon

How to cook:

In a bowl put Multivarki oil, pumpkin, and enables “Baking \ frying” for 10 minutes.

We shift the pumpkin into another bowl and mash into a puree, I do it without fanaticism, like when there is a pumpkin.

We shift back to Multivarki bowl, add the washed millet, sugar, cinnamon, pour milk, stir.

Close the lid and cook on cereals mode for 15 minutes.

After disable gradually open the valve to release the steam and vented.

Caution And leave for 30 minutes. evaporated. Then open the lid and serve immediately.

It smells like magic.

Bon Appetit!

пшен каша с тыкв

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