Mexican taco.

Mexican taco.

You need:
• shells for tacos or small tortilla,
• beans with corn in Mexican sauce
• avocados
• Tomatoes,
• Lettuce,
• green onion,
• grated cheddar.

For the basics, you can buy ready-made shell or cook them yourself.

To do this, knead the dough elastic of flour and warm water, roll out some thin layers and cut out their mugs for tortilla. Each tortilla is necessary to fry in a dry frying pan on both sides.

This can stop, but you can go further. Fold the tortilla in half, fasten with a toothpick and fry in deep fat, to get shells for tacos, which themselves keep their shape.

Beans can be used in a jar of sauce (like us), and if no such bean, you can take the ordinary and extinguish it with corn, tomato sauce and spices. And fans of a hearty fillings, along with beans can be put out and minced beef or pork.

Thus, the method of preparation:
1. Avocados are cleaned from the skins and cut into cubes. So they do not darkened, you can sprinkle them with lime juice or lemon.
мексик таго 2
2. The green part of onions cut into rings.
мексик таго 3
3. The lettuce cut into thin strips.
мексик таго 4
4. Tomatoes cut into small pieces.
мексик таго 5
5. Beans with corn warm up in a skillet.
мексик таго 6
6. Fix a tortilla shell or using utensils or vegetables so they do not fall and stuffed with in the following order: beans, tomatoes, mix the avocado, lettuce and onions. Sprinkle with grated cheddar.
мексик таго11
7.We put some tacos in a row and serve.
мексик таго 10
Bon Appetit!

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