Men’s passions: cooking

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Men’s passions: cooking

Although it is believed that the kitchen – a female destiny and purpose, but the ranking of the best chefs in the world a woman’s place is almost was not, with few exceptions. Strange, is not it, because in ordinary life an exception – it is the man in the kitchen. It’s all about passion!
The fact that women daily and everyday work, for men – a vivid passion, in which you can achieve large and even professional success and get into the top ten best chefs in the world. The ones that create new bouquets taste, know the subtle facet of the perfect balance between sweet, salty, sour and bitter. Each dish is a masterpiece of taste and a piece of art at the same time, because of their opinions develops culinary fashion. These truly love what they do men need to know in person!

Jamie Oliver

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The chef and restaurateur, had long since become a favorite of millions of viewers, get to know him because of his cooking show and translated into different languages books are not just about health, but also about the delicious food. His first program, as well as the first book, called “The Naked Chef”, it’s a long time the nickname stuck and Jamie himself.

Oliver Transfer of useful food look in 40 countries, and it is not just supply a recipe and cook it – it is a whole philosophy of cooking. Jamie Oliver takes part in medical developments, aimed at combating childhood obesity and is responsible for all the food that is served at the Etihad Stadium – is the essence of his contract with the famous club, “Manchester City”.
Surprisingly, this world famous culinary showman childhood suffers from a rare disease that prevents him from reading and talking. But who noticed? Some of the best chefs in the world, a connoisseur of haute cuisine, besides also engaged … children school meals in the project “Feed me Better”, aimed at teaching parents options simple and useful children’s meals.

Gordon Ramsay

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Another chef with a worldwide reputation and Scottish ancestry literally burst onto our kitchen with a series of culinary programs: “Hell’s Kitchen”, “Master Chef”, “Boiling Point,” “Nightmares Ramsay in the kitchen.” It should also know that Gordon Ramsay’s peculiar way of communicating in the kitchen – he curses and jokes against cooks and their dishes, and sometimes it is very caustic!
Incidentally, it is now broadcast the next season of the program “Master Chef”, adapted in many countries. Chef Ramsay is the owner of a dozen restaurants and a few bars in Britain, as well as dozens of restaurants in other countries. Gordon Ramsay at Royal Hospital Road – his first restaurant, received 3 Michelin star after only 3 years after its opening. Books on cookery, written by Gordon Ramsay became real bestsellers among chefs.

Wolfgang Puck


Chef with unconventional views on the formulation and Austrian roots has today more than twenty restaurants in the United States, Japan and Canada. He also owned a culinary brand Cut fast food and Wolfgang Puck Express network.

And we made him famous throughout the world of sandwiches, which are served in all the major airports of the world! Yes, it turns out, the sandwich can be a work of culinary art. Wolfgang Puck is also “the Oscar-winning” chef, is he has to be responsible for all culinary delights, served after the presentation of famous film award.

Chef Puck at all different taste for the organization of ceremonial dinners after the fashion shows and film premieres. All your cooking ideas and recipes he has collected in 6 books about cooking, which brought him international fame among professional chefs and experienced amateurs.

Alain Ducasse


Alain Ducasse – the chef, chief Provencal kitchen and a successful restaurateur, past all the way from top to bottom, from kitchen assistant to the chef, was awarded the highest award of the French Legion of Honor. Chef Ducasse owns the restaurants are located in Tokyo, Monaco, Paris, New York, Beirut and even St. Petersburg. We can say that it was he who brought haute cuisine “to the people” – opened its people far from the bohemian lifestyle made simpler and easier. Man creative, loyal to traditions, chef Ducasse is also extremely suspicious, it checks all and always down to the last detail.

Heston Blumenthal


Become recently fashionable and popular among gourmets molecular cuisine has its heroes! Heston Blumenthal – the most famous chefs, working with molecular cuisine, the owner of the restaurant The Fat Duck, named the best 10 years ago in the world, holding the brand to this day, with three Michelin stars shine. The most famous dishes of “Chef” is a pigeon breast with pancetta, cream and bacon and eggs, jelly lavender, oysters and passion fruit, as well as porridge made of snails. Besides Chief Blumenthal bestselling author of “Cooking Science” and the cycle of the cooking program as a science, removed them for the Discovery Channel. to the chef.

Paul Bocuse


The founder and head of the institution they culinary competition “Bocuse d’Or”, and also “the Company’s high French cooking,” Chevalier Legion of Honour and the head of the School of Culinary Arts, Culinary Institute, and the European Association of Cooks – “father of French gastronomy” chef Paul Bocuse.

The basis of his “kitchen philosophy” were: elegance in every dish, which must be prepared with the freshest ingredients and enjoy the natural taste, the combination of simplicity and elegance, care of the complex methods of preparation and a complete rejection of all sauces. According to Chef Bocuse sauce – natural enemy of taste! His longwall merit before the French cooking is considered the creation of a “new kitchen”, which replaced the complex and high-calorie classic.

Paul Bocuse – the famous restaurateur, a skilled winemaker, author of books on cooking and member of the most popular culinary TV. He was called a living classic French cooking, which he became interested in childhood. Now he’s Legend, Great Cook Monsieur Paul ….

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