Men’s delight Salad

Men’s delight Salad

150_125 (2) I suggest you to salad recipe to men. From his experience of life, I came to the conclusion that all of my culinary delights and some do not stand with ordinary piece of grilled meat.
Pass the Millennium, and the men, as before, just like meat. As I was not trying to teach her husband to eat for breakfast cereals – a tasty and healthy food – so I did not succeed. But to please undemanding male stomach and thus not feel primitive mistress, I’m trying to somehow “embellish” the meat.
Here is one of my recipes for men, it is called – “Man’s happiness.” For its preparation we need, as you may have guessed, meat. For one medium salad you need to take 500 grams of beef, 5 eggs, 2 onions, cheese, vinegar, mayonnaise and greens to decorate.

Meat boil a whole onion and bay leaf. For 15 minutes until cooked salt and pepper. We give the meat to cool and cut it into strips. Eggs cook and cut. Shinkuem onion half rings and pour vinegar. Give him the brew for 1.5-2 hours. Cheese rub on a grater. We spread layers of lettuce:
1. meat
2. mayonnaise
3. bow
4. mayonnaise
5. eggs
6. mayonnaise
7. cheese

Decorate with fresh herbs and salad for the beloved ready.

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