Meet the year of the Fire Monkey: the plan of beauty on New Year’s Eve

Fiery Red Monkey lady eccentric and funny, likes to do things in a big way. So that night to celebrate the start of the year will also — rapidly and uncontrollably! And for this you need to thoroughly prepare.

Three color-favorite this time will be red, black and gold. First it is clear why it is the color of the culprit celebration, choose any of the shades of color — carmine, amaranth, burgundy, red, alizarin, wine — in any case can not go wrong.
Gold — because for the New Year’s Eve and in general any occasion, this color is always important. Just do not overdo it, and all the gold shimmering colors in themselves decoration, and accessories do not need. Otherwise you risk to overload the image.
But the black — the classic for all times and occasions, and with it you can be sure that the wearing of dress code. Even the most conservative dress of that color can be decorated with a great element (belt, bow, shoulder straps, necklaces) and you will be «in the subject.»
And one moment. Monkey comes though and Red, but do not let us forget that the natural color of the animal, usually dark — gray, brown, green marsh. So in the case of a New Year’s outfit will be played on it.
So, we try to adhere to these rules and do not forget that quite moody monkey being her best to please, not conflict, is still a year meet, so spend it!

Earrings, necklaces, bags and shoes are not only complement the outfit and give a complete image, they can promise good luck in the coming year. So use stones, materials and colors culprits celebrations.
According to the Chinese horoscope, the Monkey is the element of metal, so give preference to this material.
From the most preferred stones are stones red — garnet, ruby, fire opal. And, of course, the stones, with the origin of fire, such as obsidian, a volcanic glass.
Jewellery Amber Fire Monkey also appreciated.

What should make the night of 2015-2016?
We will not grovel about tsvetotip, «to emphasize the dignity-hide flaws» and the like. Do you (hopefully) know without us.
But what is also important:
UNDER THE MONKEY fiery temperament, preference is given to the make-up of red, orange shades, and also metallic colors — gold and silver. And unlike everyday makeup in the New Year they can be safely used not only for lips and cheeks, BUT EYE (for red palette). But gold decorate the lips.
To brown shadows looked dimly on top «priroroshite» their pearlescent or glitter. Do not be afraid to experiment — 31st everything is permitted!
Do not hesitate to use the most shocking false eyelashes — with crystals, glass drops and so on. This little detail will make your eyes expressive and impressive.

Modern means of hair care and styling products have become so professional that build yourself a fashionable hairstyle today is not a problem. At home, you can not just paint the hair in the most unusual color, but make their own highlights, coloring (a combination of strands of three colors or more) or Ombre.
Extravagant and risky you can try to «one-off paint.» She washed off at the first «dressing», so New Year’s Eve, you can surprise everyone by appearing at a party with blue or pink hair.
Still alternatively paint at a time — a special ink for hair. It looks like a regular mascara, only the tube more and more volume. With this color the entire head, of course, it will not work, but you can make individual strands or feathers. On the black hair looked stunning golden strands or silver color. In chestnut — purple, orange. A light, on the contrary, accentuate the strands of dark tones.
Even simple loose hair without any styling can be decorated using diademki or beautiful barrettes with rhinestones.
Effect of shimmering frost in the hair can be achieved using a special hair spray.

If you want to just paint coating, the use of color Fire Monkey. Moreover, the dark red is always in fashion and in all its variations (wine, burgundy, red-brown). And on the occasion of the New Year’s party can apply on top of gold dust with shimmer — the more so that today he is one of the most popular brands from producing nail polishes.
In addition, for several consecutive seasons manicure-nude remains a favorite. So this option can help out in preparation for the New Year corporate party.
With gold, silver and black shades, too, will get to the point.
And pay attention to the new trend — rich shades of green paint. He added to the palette of many brands. So choosing this color for the New Year’s manicure can be sure that follow fashion trends.

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