Meat tradesmen with mushrooms

Meat tradesmen with mushrooms.


Pork (carbonate) – 4 slices
Mushrooms frozen or fresh – 150-200 g
Tomato – 1 pc.
Cheese – 200-250 g
Salt and spices – to taste.


1. Sliced ​​meat portions repel through the film, and spread on a greased baking sheet. Add salt and spices
2. Remove the skins from the tomatoes (down to etokgo in boiling water for a minute), cut into slices and lay on meat
3. cheese rub on a coarse grater. Some lay on the meat with tomatoes (about 1/3).
4. Mushrooms spread on the cheese, you can not pre-defrost. Then pour mayonnaise (in very moderate quantities), salt and sprinkle with remaining cheese. Put in the oven at 200 degrees for 20 minutes.

мясо по купеч с гр
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