Meals are named after people

Meals are named after people

How are born with the name of the dish? Culinary masterpieces on which chef conjured, can be lifelong or udavshiesya on the occasion.
Meals are named in honor of its author or famous person, first tasted and appreciated their taste.
Dish names speak for themselves, became a household name in the world of cooking.
Named in honor of Queen dessert pie with apples, lettuce named the Great Mademoiselle, imperial cake, pizza and a cocktail with the same woman’s name, the name of the dessert of the great Russian ballerina – get to know them? All of them at one time were expertly prepared from carefully selected, or caught at hand products, but flavored with the same seasoning – the talent of their creator.

Meals are named after people

Boeuf a la Count Stroganov

A popular dish is beef stroganoff literally translates as beef Stroganoff. Version toiletries several dishes. On one of them it was named in honor of Count PA Stroganov (1772-1817).
The author of the dishes was the chef of the graph, not to disgrace his master – his dish penetrated into the world cuisine through the diplomatic channel. winning the hearts of gourmets the early 19th century and settled forever in cookbooks of this century.
In another version of the dish he invented French chef André Dupont, who had served at other Earl – Alexander G. Stroganov (1795-1891), and prepare it for the elderly owner, who lost to the old teeth.
On the third – stroganoff served to the table of the same graph in Odessa, where he organized the “open table” for their guests.

Drink a cocktail named Hemingway and Ed Victor

Ernest Hemingway knew a lot about strong drinks, mixing proportions and taste combinations of different varieties. His authorship belongs to a few names of cocktails: Champagne Hemingway (Death in the afternoon), “Death in the Gulf Stream,” Hemingway daiquiri and “Hammer of Hemingway”.
The first is a clever mixture of cold champagne with absinthe, the second a mixture of gin and lime juice, and the third is made of grapefruit juice with liquor.

The original liquor name of its author’s literary agent Ed Victor, you can try the London cafe “Ivy”. The recipe is kept secret. But we know that the author conceived drink its color should be as the sunrise in the tropics.

Meals are named after people2


Omelette named Bennett

Corporate omelet chef of the hotel “Savoy” is so fond of the English writer Arnold Bennett, that he asked him to breakfast, always and everywhere, wherever they stopped.

Apparently the chef is shared with the author the secrets of cooking omelet with complex stacks of fish and several varieties of cheese.

Oysters Rockefeller

In one of the oldest restaurants in America “UAnutana” can try a dish, the recipe of which only knows the chef of the restaurant. For years, the recipe “Oysters Rockefeller” is kept secret, invented the first son of a restaurant owner Dzhyulzom Alchitore still 1889 and named it in honor of the richest man in the country.

eggs benedict

Eggs can be cooked, fry, or whip. And you can cook eggs benedict! In fact it is a sandwich, which consists of fresh eggs, cooked in a special way. Who is first cooked this dish? Whether it happened at the “Waldorf”, which wandered into a severe hangover, as he himself admitted, the broker Lemuel Benedict, asked for a sandwich with boiled egg, hollandaise sauce and bacon.
The maitre d ‘of the restaurant is so liked the idea of a new dish, it was immediately included in the menu.

Or the original sandwich still came up with the chef Delmonico’s restaurant in New York, some of Mr. and Mrs. Benedict, regulars of the restaurant, who knew by heart and asked for something new?

One way or another, but now we will try to prepare this dish, so simple in appearance and taste is the original! The main condition – the eggs must be very fresh.

Eggs “Benedict”

Needed (one serving):

8 toasts (or 4 rolls, cut in half)
8 slices of bacon (or smoked salmon)
green onions
8 eggs
1 h. Teaspoon salt
4 h. Spoons 6% vinegar
for the sauce:

3 raw egg yolk
200 g butter
2 tsp lemon juice
salt and pepper to taste

Eggs cook one: gently break the shell and release the egg into a small cup. In a small saucepan pour hot boiling water about 3 cm, with salt and vinegar.

Gently lower the eggs into the water and cook for 1 minute (protein must solidify, and the yolk remains liquid). Remove eggs with a slotted spoon and cautiously pass on the plate.

For the sauce, melt the butter in a saucepan, mix the yolks separately with lemon juice. A bowl with the yolks to put in a water bath, whisking constantly, gradually pour the melted butter and continue whisking until the mixture thickens. Bacon little fry on both sides. Toast toast or muffins halves on both sides, put the bacon (salmon slices), carefully lay an egg, pour the sauce and sprinkle with herbs.

Eggs "Benedict"

There are many dishes bearing the names of famous people and historical figures, but, alas, the majority of them have no relation to those whose name are. It’s just a beautiful name … Richelieu not roasted chickens, and Talleyrand not baked pies, Madame de Pompadour hardly grilled lamb chops his hands, and Admiral Nelson did not prepare consommé. Although, who knows, maybe these dishes are their names, not only at the whim of chefs and their favorite dishes?

Meals are named after people

Maybe you know why ravioli named in honor of the violin virtuoso, eggs and steak game after famous composers, and pasta sauce to the name of the great singer? Or have their signature dish “called” in your family?

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