Mastic for cakes



● 20 g of gelatin
● 9 Art. l. cold water
● lemon juice 0.5
● powdered sugar (how many will take to obtain an elastic mass)


Gelatin wash and soak in cold water for 2-3 hours (it should swell). Then heat it up to 55 degrees so that it will melt. Hot melted gelatin strain, then cool to 25-30 degrees and connect with sifted powdered sugar, stirring constantly, until smooth. It must be flexible, do not stick to your hands and do not crumble. Then add the lemon juice.

2.Zephyr MASTIC.

(1000 g)

● 470 grams of sugar,
● 12,5 g gelatin
● 2 egg whites,
● 1 g citric acid,
● 150 g of water,
● 500 g of powdered sugar.


Soak gelatin in cold water. Egg whites beat to increase 5 times. From the sugar and water syrup cook. In the finished syrup, put the swollen gelatin, citric acid and mix. Pour in the beaten egg whites. Then Stir in the icing sugar and mix. This mastic differs delicate structure, it should be stored in a container covered with a damp cloth.

3.”Sugar-gelatin MASTIC”


● 1 kg. icing sugar
● Article 1.5. l. gelatin
● 0.25 cups of water


The gelatin is soaked in water (1: 2) for 1 hour to give a slow fire, and heated while stirring until complete dissolution (I bred so it as indicated on the package) .. The mixture was filtered (if necessary?), Powdered sugar was added and stirred . This paste dries very quickly. It is even rather than mastic, and pastillage. ”



● caster sugar 500g
● gelatin 12gr
● cold water 35gr
● 80g corn syrup (or without any other color)
● protein 1 piece
● coconut fat a little bit (1-2 teaspoons)
● lemon juice 1 teaspoon


1. Sift the powdered sugar.

2. In a bowl, pour the cold water, pour the gelatin and mix until puree state.

3. put the cup of the gelatin on a steam bath, add a little coconut fat, constantly stir until the gelatin melts

4. Add syrup and constantly stir until not “melt”, the syrup must have a good “mix” with gelatin

5. Add the powdered sugar in a mixture with gelatin, Stir a little and add protein

6. Knead until smooth (so that their hands are not stuck, spread good hands coconut fat), put in a container or bag. leave for a day, do not add the powdered sugar, even when mixing mastic seem soft.



● 100 grams of dark chocolate
● 90 grams of marshmallow (color does not matter)
● 40 ml cream (30
● 1 / 2-1 Art. tablespoons butter
● 90-120 grams of powdered sugar
● 1-2 Art. tablespoons brandy


In a saucepan put broken into pieces of chocolate and place on low heat. Completely thaw.
Not removing the pan from the heat and add to the melted chocolate marshmallows and constantly stir the mass of a spoon well. When about half of the marshmallow melts, pour the cream, add the butter and brandy.

Stir without stopping until a homogeneous thick liquid mass. Remove from heat. Constantly interfering spoon gradually pour the sifted powdered sugar. When the mass will be too thick and elastic and prevent the spoon will not be comfortable – do it by hand. Powdered sugar rub up until mixture becomes Feels like a warm, tight, elastic dough. It absolutely does not stick to your hands – quite the contrary – hands remain clean, but greasy.

Roll into a ball and weight shift to baking paper. Cover with another sheet of paper on top. And roll to the desired thickness. Remove the top sheet of paper. Mastic prepared. It turns out barely warm, very soft and gentle. Store it in a tightly closed can form in the refrigerator, and before the next use a little warm in the micro.



● 150g. MAR. powder
● 200g. bitter chocolate
● 180 grams. marshmelou (of any color)
● 1 tbsp. l. butter or margarine or vegetable fat
● 3 tbsp. l. cream
● 1 tbsp. l. liqueur or orange juice (optional)


1. Melt the chocolate in the bath.
2. Add marshmelou, mixed with chocolate and continue to melt.
3. Add the cream and margarine. Stir.
4. In a mixer (nozzle “guitar”, ie the nozzle test), cook sah. powder and liquid mixture added.
5. Stir until smooth dough .. mastic ready. Put it in a bag and a day in the cold-to. After control, to warm up, and more time to knead. Roll out the best in the film.
6. Store as well as other mastics.
With a white chocolate instead of cream I took milk and butter 1 tsp.. Then it can be mixed with marzipan though, even with the usual mastic, even with gelatin.

7.gelatin MASTIC


● Gelatin -12 c.
● water – 50 ml
● egg white – 1 piece
● lemon juice – 1 tsp
● sah powder – 1kg
● starch – 100g.


Starch is added to the powder, then the egg yolk. Soak gelatine, add the lemon juice, heat to dissolve, pour in the powder, water and knead the dough elastic, to lie down in the refrigerator.

8.Sugar, starch MASTIC


● 800g sah. powder,
● 200 g of corn starch,
● citric acid on the tip of hours. L.,
● 1 cup of water.


The water glass is dissolved pinch citric acid and bring to a boil. In the 4 th degree. l. cold water dissolved starch and brew it in boiling water with an acid. Small portions pour powdered sugar and stir until smooth like plaster mass. After the dye is added.

9.Sugar-choux paste.


● molasses 83 g
● 101 g of corn starch
● powdered sugar 775 g
● water 202 g


Molasses and water and bring to a boil, stirring, poured starch to avoid lumps. Then, add the icing sugar and knead until smooth, reminiscent of plasticine. Custard sugar mastic more plastic ornaments from the beginning of the mastic dried and then used for decoration.


● At 500 grams of powdered sugar
● 2 tbsp. honey
● 10 grams of gelatin
● 2 tbsp. tablespoons vegetable margarine or butter spread
● 6 tablespoons. tablespoons water


As is customary when using gelatin: gelatin soak in water for 30-40 minutes. When gelatin swell is good, heat it in a water bath until dissolution and cool. In a cup mix honey, melted margarine or spread, and the cooled gelatin is dissolved. To the mixture gradually start adding powdered sugar, stirring gently with a spatula or wooden spatula. When the mass will be quite thick, and it will be possible to knead, put it on the table sprinkled with powdered sugar and knead the dough elastic.

Honey cake mastic should get a flexible, such that it can be easy to roll out. If honey mastic get soft, it will be impossible to work, it will be very stretched and torn, while covering the cake. Therefore, if you got too soft paste, mix with the powdered sugar in a mastic sealant to become abruptly.


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