Mashed potatoes, baked with cheese, onions and tomatoes

1 kg potato
400ml milk
300 g of cheese
200g leeks ± 10 g butter for frying
2-3 cloves of garlic
salt, pepper, herbs
1 tomato
4 tbsp mayonnaise

1.Otvarite potatoes with garlic, pepper, salt and bay leaves until done, maybe even a little bit to digest potatoes.
2.Poka boiled potatoes, finely chop the leek, fry in butter.
3.Zhareny onions pour in the boiling milk and then turn off.
4. In the milk with half the onion grate cheese required. And mix well.
5. When Boil potatoes, drain the water from it, remove the bay leaf and ceilings potatoes, add the milk mixture, onion and cheese. You can add chopped fresh herbs or sprinkle dry.
6.Smazhte baking or gratin dish with oil, put it in the mashed potatoes.
7.Narezhte circles tomatoes and place on top of mashed potatoes.
8.Natrite remaining cheese and mix it with spices and mayonnaise.
Put on top of mashed potatoes with tomatoes.
Bake in the oven at 190 degrees until the top browns not.

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